The LRF is required to meet at least twice a year. Our LRF has two groups that fulfil this: the Chief Officers Group (COG), meets four times a year and the Monthly on Thursday  (MoT Group meets monthly). 

The LRF meet on a regular basis each month to discuss delivery of the programme of work which will include risk assessment, plan reviews and training.  This way of working has been found to be very effective because it allows all responders/partners to meet at the same location thus enabling much better collaboration. Click here for the MoT schedule of meetings for this year.

The meetings have a varied agenda but they mostly fit into our main priorities listed below.


Additional information

Enable a ‘working together’ process for LRF responders.

LRF Partners to actively explore opportunities to improve collaborative ways of working with the aim of developing and enhancing the model of 'MoT'. The benefits clearly include a shared aim of creating a resilient locality and more efficient use of limited resources.

Assess the performance of our LRF.

We have conducted a peer review with another LRF and will be using the newly released national standards to ensure we maintain our performance.

Develop and encourage community resilience.

Support and encourage development of community resilience through the engagement and energising of communities.

Develop threat risk register and local planning assumptions for all partners to act upon.

Introduce risk working group to include partners.

Deliver a realistic Training & Exercising programme linked to risk and capability.

Link all risks to capability needs and then use to prioritise and set a programme of training and exercising delivered by the LRF.

Incorporate Business Continuity confidence check procedures into the work of the LRF.

Due to some risks having significantly reduced capability met scores a decision was made by LRF COG that a process for Business Continuity (BC) is to be introduced into the LRF that will incorporate the same Duty under the CCA 2004 that all Category 1 partners have. The LRF needs to be confident that organisational BC plans are tested regularly so requested the introduction of peer reviews to check BC readiness.

Sitting below the primary meetings we deliver our main work through task and finish groups. These are led by different partners but cover the different UK capabilities.

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