DCIOS LRF is encouraging people to be more ‘emergency-ready’ by doing one simple challenge each day throughout September.

30 Days, 30 Ways starts on September 1st and asks people to prepare for a range of emergencies including fires in the home, power cuts and flooding.

The campaign will be taking place all over the UK, with local resilience partners such as the emergency services, local authorities, utilities and health, taking part to put a local touch to 30 key messages throughout the month.

The campaign, which will feature a daily message on the @30Days30WaysUK will also encourage residents across the county to think about the simple actions that will help keep their families safe in larger scale emergencies as well as the importance of checking on elderly and vulnerable neighbours.

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30 days 30 ways is a national programme run every September (now in its 6th year) designed to encourage and inspire people from all backgrounds to engage in emergency preparedness. It promotes the benefits of personal resilience via social media, and locally via Local Resilience Forums (LRF’s) websites. LRF’s are based on police force areas, and consist of the blue light emergency services, local authorities, NHS, and voluntary groups working in partnership to plan for, respond, and recover from a variety of emergencies, including the current Covid19 pandemic

 30 days 30 ways is a national volunteer network run by emergency planning professionals. It runs under the banner ‘September is preparedness month’. Each day of the month covers a different topic, with interactive ‘bingo’  adding a fun element to the programme. Each day can be crossed off on the bingo card.  Download the bingo card

Preparedness Video

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With so much information available on the internet and other media platforms it is easy to wonder who to trust.  Is the information available true or just rumour? This has been brought into sharp focus by the Covid 19 pandemic. With the lack of face to face contact with financial and other businesses it has become easier for fraudsters to target the vulnerable in their own homes via the internet and phone. It is therefore important to verify who is asking for details; and not be duped into divulging important information. If you suspect that you have been the victim of fraud or a cyber attack the call the Action Fraud help line on 0300 123 2040. Help is available.

Action Fraud website

Be sure to cross off ‘Trusted Networks’ icon on your bingo card


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Good mental health is key to a productive life. We all have varying levels of mental health at any one time in our lives, just as we have varying levels of physical fitness. Stress and anxiety affect us all in different ways; and it is important to know ourselves, and how we can improve our resilience to enable us to cope with life’s challenges. The Covid19 pandemic has brought into sharp focus the importance of reaching out if we are struggling with our mental health. It is important to share our concerns with friends and family. There are numerous organisations who can help and be a listening ear, as listed below.

NHS Stress Buster


Devon healthcare mental health

Cornwall mental health

Cornwall Mind

Devon Mind

Be sure to cross off the 'Mental Health' icon on your Bingo card.

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Each police force area has a group of dedicated multi agency emergency planning professionals who work together under the banner of the Local Resilience Forum (LRF).   The DCIOS LRF coordinates the writing, training and exercising of emergency plans relating to Devon, Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly. This work is guided by information contained in the LRF Community Risk Register (CRR) .The CRR guides the efforts of planners in producing emergency plans according to risk, threat and harm posed to local communities. This function is covered by the Civil Contingency Act 2004, which provides the statutory framework for emergency preparedness. The CRR also contains information on how individuals can help themselves prepare for an emergency.

Community Risk Register

Be sure to cross off 'What Emergency'? icon on your Bingo card


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Witnessed a road traffic collision?  

A person in trouble at sea? 

Family member unwell?

Do you know which is the appropriate number to call to get assistance?


999 is the emergency number to call if there is a threat to life.  You will be asked which emergency responder you require (Police, Fire, Ambulance or Coastguard/Mountain Rescue).  It can be more than one responder that is required. Control rooms for the emergency services are busy places, and making an unnecessary 999 call means wasted time and deprives genuine 999 callers the chance to get immediate help.  So please think carefully before dialling 999. For mountain rescue call the police and ask for ‘mountain rescue’.

For routine police matters please dial 101

For non urgent ambulance or medical matters please call NHS 111

Other emergencies include those in the home. What if you suspect a gas leak?  What if there is a power cut?

Call the National Gas Leak help line on : 0800 111 999

For powercuts/damaged powerlines/transformers call 105

Add these numbers to your mobile phone contacts list

Be sure to cross off ‘Right Call’ on your bingo card

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In these challenging times all of the emergency services are facing additional pressures, but in particular the NHS.  If you don’t have a health emergency call NHS 111, where a trained operator will assess your needs, and direct you to the appropriate service. Don’t automatically attend hospital Accident and Emergency Departments. Call 111 first if its not an emergency. Only call 999 if its an emergency.

Choose well

Cross off the ‘choose well’ icon on your bingo card

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We have all become accustomed to washing our hands (for 30 seconds) more frequently as a result of the measures introduced to contain the spread of Covid-19. Hand washing also prevents the spread of other infections. In the absence of hand washing facilities the use of an alcohol gel sanitiser helps to kill the viruses and bacteria that cause diseases. Good hand hygiene makes sense.

Recently is has become mandatory to wear a face covering in shops.  This is to prevent the spread of Covid-19.  The face covering helps to minimise the risk of spreading the virus to other people.

Hand washing Video - Gangnam Style

Cross off ‘Stop the Spread’ icon from your bingo card, and share tags with friends


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We are always talking about the weather in the UK, and more so now it’s the holiday season!

The recent heatwave in August and subsequent thunderstorms, remind us that extremes of weather are becoming increasingly frequent and disruptive at any time of the year.

Devon, Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly are no different to other parts of the UK in experiencing extreme weather events. Fortunately  we have the Met Office based in Exeter. It has state of the art forecasting facilities with up to the hour forecasts.  It has never been so easy to check the weather forecast on phones and tablets.  Sign up to the met office app today and be informed about weather warnings for your area.

Storms can cause widespread damage to infrastructure, including power cables.  If you see a damaged power cable please call 105.  So Stay clear, stay safe call 105

Weather Aware

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In August we experienced a prolonged heatwave. Although enjoyable for some, heatwaves can cause hardship for others.  Elderly and vulnerable people can be at risk during heatwaves, affecting breathing and body temperature. More generally people need to protect themselves from strong UV light using sunscreen. Young and old people can get heat stroke. Wearing a hat can help avoid this. All should ensure they stay well hydrated and seek shelter from the sun during the middle of the day. Pets can also suffer during hot spells.  Dogs or other animals should not be left in vehicles during hot weather.

Conversely, we will be entering the winter months where cold weather will also affect the elderly and the vulnerable.  Hypothermia is real risk for those in at risk groups. Elderly people and those sleeping rough are especially vulnerable to cold spells of weather.  Neighbours of vulnerable people should check on them during cold spells.  Those who are house bound may need supplies delivered to them.

Slips trips and falls on icy surfaces can add to the demand on the NHS.


Live Well NHS Website

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We take for granted sometimes that we breathe without thinking about it!

However Air quality in the UK varies according to where you live. Air quality can further be influenced by the weather. Hot and still weather can trap and increase pollutants, especially in built up areas and areas of high traffic flow. Those with underlying health conditions can be especially affected by poor air quality.


UK Air Quality Information

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Although rare in the UK, extended power cuts do happen. This may be due to severe weather or exceptionally high demand. The UK power grid is very resilient and flexible, responding to demands placed on it. We as a society are very dependent on the smooth delivery of electricity to power industry and homes at the flick of a switch. We should be prepared at home by having a ‘grab’ bag available. This should contain a wind up torch for use in a power cut. A torch is preferable to candles, which can pose a fire risk. Mobile phone networks will continue to function for a while. Landline phones that rely on a power source to function (ie DECT phones) will not work in a powercut. It is advisable to have a conventional phone available to plug into the phone socket if required. Fridges and freezers will remain cold for a limited time before defrosting. Trip switches in your home fuse box will need resetting to restore the power after the power cut.

 Power cuts should be reported using telephone number 105

Be sure to cross off ‘powercut’ icon on your bingo card


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The UK has become more prone to flooding as result of severe weather events and climate change. Devon, Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly are no different to other parts of the UK in relation to flood risk. If you live in an area at risk of flooding, you should familiarise yourself with the flood warning system in operation via the link below. You should subscribe to the flood warning service available on your mobile device to stay informed. Be prepared to vacate your property if you live in a flood high risk zone, and have a plan in place to make this possible. Your local community may run a flood group. This can be an invaluable resource to prepare for, and recover from flooding.

Flood Aware

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Being affected by flooding can be a traumatic experience. There are organisations who can help you recover if your property is damaged by flooding. Care should be taken when cleaning up after a flood event. Contaminated items should be properly disposed of. Take advice from your local flood group or via the link below.

Rebuilding should have flood resilience in mind to protect from future flooding events. Such measures will ensure possible access to buildings and contents insurance in future.

Flood Repair

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Learning simple first aid techniques can save lives.

Ensure you first aid kit is ready to go.

First Aid saves lives in everyday and crisis situations.

Keen to know more? please view the link below.

First Aid

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Have looked in your medicine cabinet/first aid kit recently? Does it contain out of date or medication that is no longer required? If so please take it to your local pharmacy for safe disposal. Never dispose of medication in household waste or down the toilet.

Medicine Check

Be sure to cross off the ‘Medicine check’ icon on your bingo card

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Donated blood is vital for a wide variety of life saving procedures including accidents and emergencies. Blood cannot be manufactured. It takes weeks to prepare, so regular donations are needed to maintain life saving stocks. Every 2 seconds someone needs blood.

Giving blood is painless and could save some ones life.

Blood is always needed. Especially type ‘O’, for young people over 17, and for those people from ethnic minorities.

Give Blood

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At this time of year cooling off in the sea or inland bodies of water is tempting. However people underestimate how cold the water is, or are unaware of strong currents or submerged obstacles that are hazardous. If you find yourself unexpectedly in the water and in trouble, the instinct is swim to safety. However the panic this induces can be fatal. Remain calm and try to float is the advice.

For those onshore, and seeing someone in trouble call 999 and ask for the Coastguard. Never enter the water, but throw a life ring or line to assist.


RNLI Float to Live


Be sure to cross off the ‘ RespectTheWater’ icon from your bingo card

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With the recent hot weather and despite some thundery downpours, the threat of wildfires on heathland habitats is still a possibility. The careless discarding of a lit match ,cigarette, or disposable barbecue can cause untold damage to wildlife and can even cause human deaths. So please only use barbeques in designated areas, and even then extinguish them fully once finished with. If you do witness a wildfire, do not attempt to extinguish it yourself. Call 999 and ask for the fire service, stay well clear of the fire.


Be sure to cross off the ‘Wildfire prevention’ icon from your bingo card



Do you know what to do if fire breaks out in your home or workplace?

It could be at night. Do you have an escape plan? Do other members of your family know what to do in case of fire? Do you have functioning fire and carbon monoxide alarms in your home? Contact your local fire service for advice. Do you have an assembly point identified

Safe Escape

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Do you know what to do if an emergency prevents you from leaving your home. Do you have a ‘grab’ bag (containing essential medications and documents) in case you need to leave your home at short notice? Do you have small stocks of food and medical essentials to last 72 hours at home? Do you have a home emergency plan that all of the family are aware of?

Today is about household preparedness.   A few simple measures will ensure you are prepared for any emergency.

Be sure to cross off the 'Household Preparedness' icon on your bingo card

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Today is international Day of Peace, emphasising the power of kindness.

Now more than ever people need to support each other during these challenging times.

Small acts of kindness, can make a big difference to someone’s day.

Volunteering is great way to give back to your community

Power of Kindness

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Its always important to involve all family members in being prepared for an emergency, none more so than children. Children will otherwise be scared of the unknown. So age appropriate involvement in family preparedness will help to alleviate any anxiety. There are lots of resources to assist with this.

Ready Kids

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Pets are integral part of many peoples lives, and need to be catered for during an emergency, and provisions included in a home emergency plan.

Blue Cross First Aid

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Cyber crime is now a part of everyday life sadly. But you can help to prevent yourself from becoming a victim. Use available resources here to ensure you stay well informed. This applies to individuals as well as businesses

Cyber Aware

Be sure to cross off the ‘Cybersafe’ icon on your bingo card

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There are many ways Apps can assist in keeping you informed. For example:



@MetOffice weather app

@BritishRedCross app

COVID contact tracing app

Check your ICE (In Case of Emergency) contacts in your mobile phone

Keep your mobile charged up.

Carry spare batteries for your phone.

Cross off the 'Prepared App' on your bingo card

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Although somewhat over shadowed by the global pandemic, Terrorism has not gone away.

We all need to remain vigilant for suspicious activity, and report it straight away- See It Say It Sorted

On the very rare instance that you are caught up in a terrorist incident, remember, Run Hide Tell

Action Counters Terrorism

Be sure to cross off the Run Hide Tell icon from your bingo card

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With the evenings ‘looking in’ and light levels fading, it has never been a better time to ensure that if you venture on to our roads that you can be clearly seen. Whether Cycling, Running or Walking wearing reflective clothing is a must. It could save your life. In more remote parts of our region ie the moors, brightly coloured clothing will enable rescuers to see you from a distance should you get lost. You can even give your dog a bright coat as well!

Hi Viz

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With onset of Autumn and Winter its time to ensure your vehicle is ‘winter ready’. Have it serviced if required.

Do your tyres have a good tread depth to cope with water on the roads? Are you changing to winter tyres?

Ensure you have warm clothing/shoes/water and energy bars in your vehicles and….

A full first aid kit

A fully charged mobile phone

A small shovel

Plan your route and allow extra time for your journey

Do not drive through flood water, your vehicle maybe swept away.

Winter Ready

Cross off the ‘DrivePrepared’ icon from your bingo card

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Consider volunteering…its great way to give back, and can help others.

Volunteering builds strong networks in your community anywhere in the UK


Cross off the ‘Volunteer’ icon on your bingo card

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Thank you for following the 30 days 30 ways September 2020 programme.; small actions taken by everyone can make a big difference

Congratulations to those of you who have completed the bingo card

Preparedness concerns us all

We would welcome feedback on the programme.

See you next year!


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