The LRF supply of PPE can be used for the following organisations as per the Government COVID-19 PPE Plan

  1. Adult Social Care (care homes, personal assistants, homecare)
  2. Children’s home
  3. General Practitioners (GPs)
  4. Secure Children’s home
  5. Residential Special School
  6. HMPPS
  7. HM Courts
  8. Police
  9. Funeral services
  10. Mortuary
  11. Local Authority (Children's Social Care)
  12. Local Authority (Adult Social Care)
  13. Mental Health Community Services/Adult Social Workers
  14. Hospices and Palliative Care
  15. Primary Care
  16. Local Pharmacists
  17. Emergency Dentists
    • The LRF are unable to support non urgent dental practices for PPE. If you need PPE support, please use the following email address; or see Dentists Resuming Services at the bottom of the page.

 The correct mechanism for all of the above to obtain PPE replenishment is: 

  1. Demand using normal Business as Usual processes (stock is being released to commercial suppliers).

 if unavailable then

     2. Contact LRF for support from LRF stockpile

 and then if unavailable

     3.  Contact National Supply Distribution Response (NSDR) and request                    emergency issue of PPE.

In summary, the LRF PPE stock can be used by those services listed above (including Primary Care) when they have exhausted their normal supply chain and require an urgent reply of PPE and if the LRF stockpile is exhausted, then the NSDR should be engaged.

Additional information

From 8 June primary care dental services (general dental practices and community dental services) may open to resume face-to-face care (both routine and urgent) for appropriate patient groups once they have appropriate social distancing and other safety measures in place. PPE for dentists will be available from dental wholesalers for practices to purchase from 5 June.

PPE for dental practices will include equipment necessary for aerosol generating procedures (AGPs) including gowns or coveralls, and FFP2 respirator masks as recommended by the World Health Organisation as well as the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) and UK Government PPE guidance.

This link take you to the National Dentist SOP published yesterday

The Health Safety Executive website has advice and training materials on fit testing respirator masks. Practitioners and staff involved in conducting AGPs can also book free fit test training via an independent Respiratory Protective Equipment (RPE) fit testing company.

Contact their helpline if you are experiencing fit testing issues from 8.00am – 8.00pm seven days per week on 07947 968972 or 07947 968922. You will also be able to book on to online training courses for fit-testing via these phonelines (subject to availability). 

Further PPE advice including on donning and doffing PPE is available on the Public Health England website.  The Department of Health and Social Care’s PPE plan sets out the actions being taken by the Government to secure and supply PPE.

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